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What’s the REAL reason some want to be an entrepreneur?

PLEASE NOTE: This blog post is based on conversations, research, and some insight gathered on my journey to becoming an entrepreneur full time. I am not implying that these comments apply to all who want to become entrepreneurs. 

We’ve all seen the videos on social media where a man or woman walks out of a garage full of books and then walks outside to a fleet of luxury and supercars. They tell you their story about how they were broke and that they were tired of being broke and so they read some books and then poof, they have a 7 million dollar house, 5 cars over 3 million dollars and everything’s paid in full. All you have to do is click on the link that takes you to whatever sweet deal webinar or masterclass they are offering. 

Some of us are going through hard times financially and we might click on this offer and sign up (No Judgement). We get excited because we feel that we are one step closer to being able to own that Ferrari we’ve always wanted. Then we realize what needs to be accomplished for us to achieve the level of success needed to get the lifestyle we sought after. Not so appealing anymore, is it? 

When some of us want to become an entrepreneur because of someone else’s life that we’ve seen on social media, we sometimes forget to ask ourselves “How long did it take them to achieve this level of success?” We see the videos and some of us assume that they got rich after 6 months of training and that’s all it took. Trust me, that’s just a fraction of the pie. 

Some of us want to become entrepreneurs because we want flexibility with our time, peace of mind, and financial stability. Others want to be entrepreneurs because they want to get rich quick and live lavishly. All of that can be done…it’s just not an overnight process. We see the cars and the big fancy house but what we don’t see was the many failures that previously occurred, we don’t see the late nights, we don’t see the many webinars and conferences attended, and we don’t see the things that shaped and molded that person to become what we see on social media. 

If we want to become successful entrepreneurs, we must be willing to put in the hours and expect some turbulence along the way. So far on my journey I have been enjoying the process. I’ve been able to organize my day and get in the hours I need to write my blogs, books, and invest. I’m currently not seeing any returns and that’s expected, but the fact that I love what I am doing makes the journey not as daunting. 

The money will come, and if not, I will figure out what needs to be done to improve. Doing something because you love it versus doing something because you’re chasing someone else’s dream are two different sides of a coin. 

*(Pre-pandemic) We wondered sometimes why some start-up companies failed? Some created a business because they heard it was a good idea. They also saw that someone else had a business and were doing well and so they wanted to follow. We need to understand that we need to put in the work and embrace the growth and development that happens over time. 

So, what is the REAL reason that some of us want/wanted to be entrepreneurs? Do you want to be an entrepreneur to get rich quick? Live a lavish life? Have sustainable individual and business growth? Make our family and friends proud of us? When we want to have a certain lifestyle or run a corporation lets ask questions before we get into something we aren’t prepared to follow through with. 

Being an entrepreneur part-time/full-time is not easy. It takes a lot of work and commitment. Don’t become an entrepreneur simply because you want to get rich or please others. Take the time to learn and grow. Do not be fooled by videos and movies that portray a get rich quick lifestyle, because it’s not quick. It’s similar to a plant. Do seeds grow into a plant in a day? No, it takes some time and care before it grows. Enjoy the journey and the grind because being an entrepreneur becomes a lifestyle in itself and it becomes a part of you as you grow.  Your success will hold more meaning when you work hard for it vs. get the results quickly.

Thank you for reading my blog “What’s the REAL reason some want to be an entrepreneur”. I hope that this post helps those who are interested in the journey. Please understand that it not all about making money and living lavish, but rather the lifestyle is a constant grind. What are some other reasons you believe there is a interest in becoming an entrepreneur? Can you share some challenges that you had when you started your journey if you're a entrepreneur? Please comment below and share. If you are new to Millennial Oaks, please subscribe and if this post is helpful please feel free to share. Have a Happy New Years Eve and Happy New Year!

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