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What Are Some of My Goals for 2021?

Hey there, Welcome to my post about my goals for 2021. I’m excited to work on my goals for this year and by the end of the year see where I am. As a reminder, Millennial Oaks is not all about me, it's about how we can grow, save money, and learn about businessmen and businesswomen who are working their dream jobs! Please feel free to share some of your goals! 

Goals for my blog in 2021

  • Grow a community. 

  • I will like the Millennial Oaks community to share ideas and to support each other. 

  • I will aim for over 25,000 subscribers. 

  • Attend at least 2 conferences and market Millennial Oaks. 

  • Take every interview that I am offered! 

  • Travel to 4 cities to share progression in communities

  • Grow my email list! 

  • Have over 70,000-page visits by the end of the year. 

  • Continue getting better in my writing. 

  • Partner with companies that I love, trust, and use services. 

Personal Goals

  • Pray more 

  • Get back in the gym

  • Continue to enjoy my journey! 

  • Travel internationally

  • Continue to invest 

  • Start paying more on the mortgage!

  • Small businesses will get my business! 

  • Donate to charities 

  • Pay $750 in taxes like President Trump 😊

  • Eat better and stay off the dairy and sweets!

  • Continue to mediate every morning

  • Grow and market Millennial Oaks

  • Finish editing my book!

  • Meet more entrepreneurs and support them

  • Win an award for my blog 

  • Attend my first gala 

For the first time in my life I am doing what I love to do. I am really writing a blog post. Even as I write these goals, I am happy that I didn’t give up again. I am happy that I found courage and strength to FINALLY get out of the maze of over thinking, doubt, fear, and anxiety. I hope that our journeys will inspire one another to continue to grow. 

I am sure that I may have missed a few things, but I will be updating this information as my journey continues. I hope that this year will be your most prosperous year and we will grow, save, and all learn together!

So, what are some of your goals this year? Do we have any similar goals? Are you planning on traveling when the pandemic is gone? What places are you looking to travel to and why? I am interested in visiting Saint Croix, Saint Lucia, Toronto, Brooklyn, Philadelphia, and Japan. Please see free to comment and subscribe. Also follow me on social media! 

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