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Supporting Small Businesses: Review for Men’s Bath and Body Products!

In September 2020, my wife decided to try some new hygiene products. We had bought soaps for years not taking into account the different chemicals that can be found in the soaps that weren’t good for our bodies. My wife bought herself some soaps, body scrubs, and body butters and she got me some body butters and a soaps too. After finishing the products, we bought more from various companies to see what we liked best, and I decided to make a list of them to review. I know that it can be difficult for women to find products for their man that they will actually use. I hope that my review helps you! These reviews were conducted based on my use of the products between September 2020-February 2021.

Disclaimer: This blog may contain affiliate links below and I may receive commissions for purchases made through links in this post, but these are services that I highly recommend. I will not put anything on my blogs that I have not verified or personally used. This post is based on my personal opinion, experience, and my personal research and is for educational purposes only. If you are seeking further guidance please see a professional expert. To view my full disclaimer, Click Here.

Body Butter and Cream

Kannies Kosmetics Melanin Brew Body Butter- For Him

This was my first time trying something other than lotion on my skin. When I first tried the body butter there was a thickness to it and then it melted into oil consistency once I rubbed it on my skin. I felt overly moisturized, but then I realized that my back and shoulders felt dry about two hours later. I believe that when you wear cotton shirts, slowly but surely the shirt rubs and absorbs some of the body butter off. For me this didn’t work well because I felt my skin was dry a couple of hours after using it. This could also be due to the type of skin I have. Maybe by skin doesn’t absorb butters well as opposed to a more cream like product.

**I tried using the product after I showered with hot, lukewarm, and cold water. With cold water I felt more moisturized, but my skin still got dry a few hours later. When I used lukewarm water, my skin got dry a little after 1 hour of use. Don’t even bother showering with hot water and this product. Your body will feel like you didn’t use any boy butter at all.

Kreyol Essence: Mango, Papaya & Coconut Rum Punch- Fruit and Plant Body Crème

I first heard about Kreyol Essence on Shark Tank. They have a very inspiring story. I was very excited to try their products. This was my favorite body cream product. The smell is a bit fruity however there are other scents that are more masculine so don’t fear! Once I applied the body crème on my skin it didn’t feel dry at all. It’s slightly thicker than lotion and you don’t need a lot. My hand was a bit heavy on scooping out the crème and I ran through it somewhat quickly. I will be buying in bulk next time I make an order.

**I tried using the product after showering with hot, lukewarm, and cold water. When I showered with cold water the crème felt the best. I normally use cold water or lukewarm water when I shower. When using Lukewarm water the product will work fine. When using hot water the product will work as well, but hot water will dry out your skin over time so be mindful of that. I would use lukewarm water especially in the cold weather!

Buff City Soaps: Whipped Body Butter- Ferocious Beast

I saw a lot of ad’s about buff city on my Instagram page. So, I was aware of the company when my wife gave me the body butter to try. When I first used the product, it was slightly similar to Kannies Kosmetics. However Buff City was a little lighter in consistency so, the product melted on my skin quickly and turned oily. I loved the smell of the product however my skin did not like the whipped body butter. I felt like my skin was dry even after I applied the product. Now that could do with the type of soap I used before applying it, right? Well, I used three different soaps and it still didn’t go well.

** I tried using the product after showering with hot, lukewarm, and cold water. As I said before, the experience was similar to Kannies Kosmetics. The difference was my skin felt like a Lay’s chip right after I applied it. Dry and crispy. To make matters worse that week the weather was in the 30’s and I ended up having to use Kreyol Essence’s crème to deal with the dry itchiness.

Buff City Soap: Whipped Body Butter-Headache

I had the same experience with the Ferocious beast and with the dry itchiness, I believe I may have indeed turned into a ferocious beast for about an hour. Still, I wanted to try this product because I had some headaches during that time and I wanted to see if would help work. The smell was soothing; however, the body butter did not work with my skin and I had to use Kreyol Essence’s crème to save the day.

One thing that I did not try was mixing Kreyol Essence’s crème with the body butter. I don’t like mixing products because I don’t know how my skin would react to the mixing. So, if you mixed any of these products please let me know in the comments below and tell me if it worked well for you.


Kreyol Essence: Netflix + Sleep- Haitian Hibiscus Lavender

This soap used with cold water is lethal. Especially when you are looking to wind down from a long day. When you squeeze the bottle you definitely smell the lavender. The soap lathers well and it didn’t make my skin dry. I used cold water and all I wanted to do was head straight to bed. I tried the product with hot water and my skin didn’t get dry, but I was not as tired as I was when I used cold water.

Goddess of the Sea Beauty: King Salim Shower Gel

THIS SOAP GEL SMELLS AMAZING!!!!! This soap was one of my favorites. You do have to use a little more than normal if you’re using a washcloth. If you are using a shower loofah you may not need as much. The Loofah will lather up quickly. This shower gel works best with cold and lukewarm water. If you use hot water your skin will dry out and if you apply body butter after using hot water and this gel your skin will be dry and itchy.

Divinely Rooted Skin Care: Vigorous Auras: Peppermint Ease Shower Gel

I love peppermint but I won’t be biased. I love the smell of this shower gel, but this shower gel didn’t lather as well. Even though I love peppermint, I had to use a lot of shower gel because it wouldn’t lather. Using the gel with cold water was okay; however, lukewarm, and warm didn’t work for me. My skin was dry after and I was happy to see the Kreyol Essence Body Crème.

Divinely Rooted Skin Care: Vigorous Auras: Black Lather for Kings- Detox Shower Gel

This product did make my skin feel softer. However, this gel didn’t lather well either. The consistency was like the Peppermint Ease Shower Gel. I love that the product worked but wish it lathered better so I didn’t have to use as much as I did every time I took a shower. Using cold water worked well with the gel. Lukewarm water was okay, and my skin wasn’t as dry. The hot water dried out my skin, and it didn’t work well for me.

Face Oil

Kreyol Essence: Haitian Moringa Oil- Nourishing Face and Body Oil

I love this oil. You don’t need a lot so use it sparingly. Try to avoid putting oil on your eye lids. That has to be one of the most annoying and uncomfortable feelings. You can use this oil after you’ve exfoliated, but again use it very sparingly; you do not need a lot. Before I got this product, I used Nivea soft lotion. I will be buying more face oil, but I’m not ready to completely let go of my Nivea soft right now.

I was very excited to write this review. I enjoyed reviewing these products very much. I also loved that some of these companies are black owned companies. I will be doing more product reviews in the future. By using these products I found a new favorite lotion/body crème in the process of doing this review. Before I did this review, I used Jergen’s which I have been using for years. As I said I will be doing more reviews soon. Are there any products that you have tried on this review? If so, what was your experience using the product? Please let me know in the comments below. If you enjoyed this post and find that it can help someone please share. Also, If you are new to Millennial Oaks please subscribe 😊!