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(Quick Overview) What is Etsy? What does Etsy have to offer?

I first learned about Etsy in 2017. Yes, I was late…very late to the party. I was looking for some bow ties for a wedding and stumbled on a site called Etsy. I was supposed to be looking for bowties but got fascinated looking at all the other items that were on the website. After that experience, I use Etsy to browse for gifts and also support friends who have businesses and sell their products on the Etsy platform. Here are some details about Etsy and what it has to offer.

What is Etsy?

Etsy is an ecommerce website that was founded in June of 2005. The founders of Etsy are Haim Schoppik, Robert Kalin, Chris Maguire, and Jared Tarbell. Etsy has had a revenue of over $200 million since 2016 and has made upward of 604 million dollars in 2018. Etsy has been one of the go-to marketplaces for entrepreneurs and side hustlers to start a business doing what they love.

What does Etsy offer?

Etsy has A LOT to offer. One thing that I love about Etsy is that they offer vintage items, and also hand-crafted products as well. There is something really special about someone creating something with effort, love, and extreme detail. This is one of the things that set’s Etsy apart. In addition to buying, you can also sell on Esty and they even have online resources and agents that can help set up your online business.

What products can you expect to find?

You can expect to find jewelry, accessories, clothing, shoes, home and living, toys and entertainment, art and collectables, and various crafts. Some well-known items on Etsy are necklaces, earrings, scarfs, candles, mittens, bracelets, sweaters, wall décor, clocks, vases, stuffed animals, crafts, bowties, and wedding accessories.

What has been my experience with Etsy?

I have made purchases from Etsy and I have never had any issues. In the future, I plan to sell products on Etsy. I have a lot of friends who are entrepreneurs and sell their candles, bowties, hand sanitizers, and hand-crafted art on Etsy. Some of them are featured on my website under “Community and Entrepreneur Spotlight.” During the pandemic there have been a lot of shipping delays, but hopefully the shipping process improves once the pandemic is over and resolved.

Do I Recommend Etsy?

I recommend Etsy not only because of their great customer service but also their quality items. I love that Etsy is a people's business and it’s a great space to see a lot of creativity expressed.

Thank you for reading my post “What is Etsy? What does Etsy have to offer?” Etsy has been a great business for a very long time. As I shared before I was very late to the “discovering Etsy” party. If you are interested in selling your hand-crafted products on Etsy please visit to begin setting up your online business platform. How has your experience using Etsy? What are some of your favorite items? Please feel free to share below. If you found this Etsy overview helpful, please share with friends and family who haven’t heard about Etsy. Also, if you are new to Millennial Oaks please subscribe 😊.

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