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50 Ways to Make Extra Money This Year!

Updated: Dec 23, 2020

So, one of the biggest topics in not just the U.S but around the world is, “How can I make extra money?” Some of the methods are simple and some can take some time to develop. We can all make extra money, it’s the timing, scheduling, and effort that usually make it difficult for some. Some of the ideas listed can be done on a seasonal or part time basis. Most of of these ways can possibly generate thousands!

Disclaimer: This blog may contain affiliate links below and I may receive commissions for purchases made through links in this post, but these are services that I highly recommend. I will not put anything on my blogs that I have not verified or personally used. This post is based on my personal opinion, experience, and my personal research and is for educational purposes only. If you are seeking further guidance please see a professional expert. To view my full disclaimer, Click Here. 

When we make extra money, we can use it to… 

  • Start investing

  • Pay off credit card debt

  • Pay for a vacation

  • Create extra income 

  • Fund a college or general savings account

  • Fund home improvement cost

The list above can go on and on, but we all can use some extra money to fund the important things in our lives. I hope that this list helps you, friends, and family to start making extra money this year. If you are thinking about printing this list don’t worry…I will have a FREE eBook for you to download at the end of this post! 

Here is how you can make some extra money this year!

1. Cut some lawns- Now this may cause some lawn cutting businesses in your neighborhood to get a little antsy, but business should be competitive shouldn’t it?  

2. Rake up some leaves- When Fall comes, and the leaves begin to fall. It is a pain to rake up leaves and people usually don’t like to do it. Take advantage of that and rake up some leave for your neighbor or community, for a fair price of course. 

3. UBER- There is usually a demand for rides on weekends and weekdays to events. Give rides when you have the time and set your own schedule. Click here to sign up and start making extra money today! 

4. Download TaskRabbit- Task rabbit is an app that allows others to pay you to do tasks that they are not willing to do. If you love putting things together this will be a great way to fuel your love for building and make some extra money at the same time. Click on this link to learn more!

5. Help move furniture- Moving can get frustrating. People are always looking for help to move their belongings. You can find jobs among family, friends, neighbors, or even college students that need help moving. The more hands on deck the better. 

6. Deliver groceries- Since the pandemic days, food delivery services have increased dramatically and aren’t going anywhere anytime soon! There are companies that deliver groceries to customers when they order online. You can make some extra money delivering grocery items to them. 

7. Deliver food- Again the delivery services aren’t going anywhere. There are companies that deliver restaurant food to customers who order online. 

8. Part time restaurant job- Some businesses may need some help with dishwashing, hosting, and cleaning tables. Reach out to your local “mom and pop” restaurants to see if they are hiring. 

9. Get a part time job at your local hotel- Some hotels will need front desk associates, cleaning crews, maintenance workers, and even managers to keep their hotel running efficiently.  

10. Join a valet parking service- Ever drive to the hotel or restaurant and see valet parking for $20? *depending on the city you live in, the parking price may be a lot higher. Valet parkers can be a great way to make some extra cash. Especially if the clients are big tippers. 

11. Start a blog- Yes, you can make extra money-writing blogs! Some bloggers make $100,000 a month. I’m not making that much but That’s something I will have to work on. Side Note: blogging is a process, so don’t think that you will create a blog and make $100,000 a month overnight…Those men/women making that much money have been blogging for years and have built their online following extensively. However, if you are dedicated and disciplined enough, it is possible for you as well. 

12. Shovel snow- Is it snowing outside?? If so, shovel the pesky ice blocking your neighbors driveway. You can make extra money doing this if the state you live in gets a lot of snow. *Side Note: Sometimes the snow dozers come through and move the snow right back onto the driveway so be mindful where you shovel the snow…lol

13. Help clean homes- If you’re like me, I LOVE cleaning. Cleaning is soothing for me. There’s just something about that lavender…Anyway, So, there are cleaning services out there that will pay you to help clean! 

14. Edit and proof-read- Do you like to read and edit? You can edit writings and blog posts and get paid for doing it. Check out some companies that connect you to individuals looking for these types of services. A simple Google search should point you in the right direction.

15. Edit Resumes- Also, in addition to that I recently had my resume updated! You can help others edit and organize their resume too! 

16. Review Books- Do you enjoy reading? I do! So, you can read books and get paid for providing honest reviews and feedback! You can combine suggestions 14-16 in this list and make that a great side hustle! 

17. Holiday Sale/Garage sale - You know those Christmas gifts never get used or re-gifted every holiday? Well, you can have a holiday sale/garage sale and sell it along with other household items you may not use anymore. Just hope the person who gifted you something you want to sell doesn’t show up at the sale…that would be AWKWARD! 

18. Rent the extra room in the house- That room you are not using could make you extra money. Unless it’s an office, but if it is... See next suggestion

19. Start a YouTube channel- Yes, you can do it and you can be successful doing it. I can’t promise that you will be a millionaire but I’m also not going to tell you it’s impossible. Many YouTubers have monetized their channels to supplement their income or even have made it their main source of income. So turn that extra bedroom into a studio and start your channel!

20. Rent your car out- Are you at home a lot with the cars sitting in the driveway baking in the sun? Well you can rent your car out and get paid for it! There are a few apps out there that allow you to rent your car out safely and efficiently while you get paid during the process. Find the car renting service that you are most comfortable with, make sure that you follow the instructions and guidelines, and collect some cash! 

21. Recycle- Some cities have plastic banks and pay you to bring them various materials to recycle. Even if you just get $10…That $10.00 adds up over a years’ time. 

22. Work Overtime- If your job allows you to work overtime, take advantage of that…some people don’t have that kind of opportunity to make extra money. That extra $50-200 dollars can help you to invest or make a big purchase. 

23. Invest- Learning how to invest can create a great stream of income and put some extra money in your pocket. 

24. Sell your unwanted clothes on Poshmark- If you have extra clothes that you aren’t wearing, sell it to a secondhand retailer or on apps like Poshmark. 

25. Sell on The RealReal- If those clothes belong to high end luxury brands, sell your items on the RealReal app!

26. Sell on Mercari- Did you recently get married and have two of the same items or get some things you don’t really need? Don’t sweat it, sell it on Mercari. 

27. Sell on Etsy- If you love arts and crafts or you have a side hobby like painting, knitting, and pottery. Sell it on Esty!

28. Sell on Craigslist- Have a car that’s just sitting in the driveway collecting dust and leaving rust stains?  Sell it on Craigslist or any other online marketplace for that matter.  

29. Be a tour guide in your local city- If you have lived in a city for years and know the history of the city or town. Consider being a tour guide! 

30. Braid or cut hair- I would advise that you get a beautician/barber license just to be on the safe side. Once you have your license you can cut or braid hair. There is always a demand. 

31. House sit- House sitting is a GREAT way to earn money. All you need to do is watch the house, turn on the sprinklers, water some plants and don’t have any parties…that’s it…lol

32. Sell photos- If you love taking pictures and capturing great shots. You can make extra money by selling your photos online. 

33. Create a calendar with the photos and sell them online- The photos that you took. You can create a calendar using those photos and sell them online. It’s a creative side hustle and you can make extra money at the same time! 

34. Sell printables online- Are you into journaling and creating template sheets that help you to stay organized? What if I told you that you can sell printables online and make extra money? Yes, it’s a thing, people sell printables online and get paid for doing so.

35. Wash cars and clean- You can make extra money washing cars and cleaning the inside. This is a great side hustle especially on the weekends! People love clean cars, and some prefer a more detailed cleaning that a car wash can provide. That’s good news for you if it’s a side hustle you’re interested in!  

36. RAKUTENNNNNNN!!!- Listen folks if someone wants to pay you for shopping. Why wouldn’t you want to get paid? Rakuten is a great way to get some money for shopping online. It’s a great way to make extra money that you can use to shop even more! 

37. Sell your gift cards- All of us have collected gift cards during the year and have not spent them. Some of these gift cards are for restaurants or other shopping stores. You can sell those gift cards and use the money to invest or buy something you would like. 

38. Rent your house on Airbnb- Listen, some folks in certain states make their mortgage payment and extra on top of that by listing a room or their entire house on Airbnb and I’m not mad at them. You can do the same! 

39. Rent out your parking space- In some cities you may have a parking space that you don’t use that much or at all…Rent out your parking space, as long as that is allowed in your area.  

40.Sell Cakes- Do you like to bake? I’m working on my baking skills. You can sell cakes and little treats that you make! *Side Note* you may need a food handling card or food provision license. 

41. Write an eBook- There are thousands of ideas that you can write an eBook on. One great example is your grandma’s recipes. It’s a great way to keep something in the family that can be passed down for generations. 

42. Become an author- This will take some time, but if you enjoy writing and you have a story you want to share, write a book. It’s a great way to create passive income. You could be a NY times best-selling author and just don’t know it yet.

43. Sell on Amazon- Those items that you see sold on Amazon, sometimes belong to entrepreneurs who sell on Amazon. Amazon has a “Fulfillment By Amazon” program and hundreds of people sell their items on there. Head over to Amazon to find out more details

44. Be an online test proctor- If you have had an online class you may have had to sign in on a website that proctored you during an online test. You can sign up to be the online test proctor and make extra money! 

45. Be a Tax Specialist- We all have our taxes filed each year and have our own personal tax filer or we just go to HR Block. That person doing your taxes took a test to get licensed and can now help file taxes during tax season! They are getting extra money and you can too. 

46. Sell life insurance- This requires some studying and taking a test  to get licensed, but it’s a great side hustle for those who are up for it. Some life insurance agents make six figures and leave their 9-5 jobs. 

47. Be a Bartender- Bartending is a great way to make extra money. There’s some training that’s needed, but when you have your bartending license you can bartend for parties and private events! 

48. Be a cashier at your local store- This is a great way to make extra money especially during the peak selling seasons. 

49. Cash back credit cards- Some credit cards have cash back opportunities on groceries, gas, hotels and more. Take advantage and put some extra money in your pocket. 

50. High Yielding Savings accounts- Savings accounts that have over 2% return on your money doesn’t seem like a lot, but if you add more money to the account over time, years later it can turn into passive income. 

Thank you for reading my post “50 Ways to Make Extra Money This Year!” I hope that this list gave you some ideas that can help bring Benjamin Franklin and his friends to your bank account. If you enjoyed this post please feel free to share and if you are new to Millennial Oaks please subscribe! What are some things that you've tried on this list? How is it going? Please feel free to comment below and share your experience. CLICK HERE to download the free e-book so you can always have this list on hand.

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