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30 Ways We Can Save Money in 2021

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

Most of us will be looking for ways to save money so that we can save or generate another income. After dealing with the pandemic there could be a few things that we can do to cut spending. I created a list down below that are common uses that we can save money on. Enjoy! 

  1. Cut the multiple music subscriptions- How many of us have 3 or 4 apps to listen to music?  4 x $9.99 = $39.96…That’s a full tank of gas. One music subscription can do. 

  2. Fast food- I understand that fast food can be  essential for college students on the go. However, most of us spend about $11-13 dollars on lunch at work everyday.  If you work a 9-5 job, that’s $65.00 a week 

  3. Does your car dealership have a loyalty program? Check to see if your car dealership has a loyalty program. It may not come in handy right away but overtime it will. I’ve been able to save $200 dollars through signing up with my car dealership loyalty rewards program. 

  4. Ease up on swiping the credit card- Remember you have to pay off your balances at the end of the month. When you carry a balance, interest charges on your purchases will get you. The higher the balance the more it will hurt your pockets. 

  5. Social drinking…Ease up…- We all have a drink limit. Limit yourself to three drinks max. Your pockets will appreciate it. DUI’s are costly as well…and it’s not worth it. 

  6. When you go grocery shopping stick to a list…and the list alone- How many times have we gone to the grocery store and bought things that we didn’t plan to? That’s money that could be saved. 

  7. Get a water filter and stop buying water bottles- Water costs around$4.48 a pack. Let's say a family buys 3 packs of water a month. That is $161.28 a year on just bottled water. Water filters cost less…

  8. Quit smoking cigarettes- Save money ditching the cigarettes. A pack of cigarettes is $6.50 - $8.80 in Florida. Smoking 5 packs a week is $44. The monthly cost is over $100.00. 

  9. Research before you shop- There are always some type of deals going on. Research what you're looking for at different stores then buy at the store with the best deal! 

  10. Can you save on your car insurance? Check it out…- This is one thing most of us do not do. We assume that our current insurance company always gives us the best rate. Follow up on that and ask if there is an opportunity to save.  

  11. Rent out the room you’re not using! If you have an extra room in the house that you aren’t using. Rent it out for $$$!

  12. Switch to a bank that does not have “fees”. Those $10-12 dollar bank fees add up during the year totaling to over $60 to $90…Not to mention if you have overdraft fees included with that total…Check out Chime(LINK)

  13. Check amazon for textbooks to rent- Amazon has a book rental program, you can rent books for the low, check it out here…

  14. Take the bus or train (post covid -19) or carpool- Gas adds up to 70 dollars or more each month. Taking public transit or carpooling can help to save a lot of money. To save even more cash, invest in a bike or scooter.  

  15. Cut your own lawn or find someone to cut it at a cheaper cost- Some lawn companies charge between $80- $250 to cut your lawn. $250 can get you a new lawn mower…Or find a teen in your neighborhood to cut it for a fraction of the cost. 

  16. Stop traveling in peak seasons unless you have to- This is a huge money saver. We all know that everyone travels a lot during the summer and holidays. Try planning a trip during the non peak season times to save money. If you must travel check out LINK______RACHEL TRAVELS. She helped save me money and gave great tips on when to book. 

  17. Cell phone bill…Ask for a lower bill- Some phone carriers will give you a hard time if you are on a contract, but if you aren’t on a contract…negotiate or find a cheaper company.

  18. Consolidate Student Loans- Get in control of your student loans and refinance them. Check out SOFI, they have saved students a lot of money.

  19. Buy less meat- This one was painful to write lol. I’m guilty of this one, Especially when you buy in bulk. Smh, one pack of wings are $9.48-$17.80…It’s a damn shame that I actually know the prices hahaha. Seriously though buying meat is expensive. Ease up on buying a lot of meat.

  20. Do you really need 300 channels? Choose a different TV package to try and lower your bill- During covid 19 did you lower your cable bill? If not, look into it. There are hundreds of channels that you never watch that you are paying for. Check to see if they have any deals going on and save. For even more savings ditch cable and subscribe to your favorite channels separately. 

  21. Join the Rakuten Gang!- I'm sure you have heard of or possibly have your own Rakuten account. If not you need to get with the program. It's free money for shopping for the things you love!

  22. Get a doctor check up- This is very underrated, but medical expenses are not cheap and they will only become more expensive. If you are feeling pain or you are concerned about a health issue, go to your doctor and have them look into the concern you have. Fix any issues early before it becomes a huge problem later in life. 

  23. Stop buying name brand- When you buy name branded things, you are paying for the brand, not the actual item itself…Remember that.

  24. Ease up on Starbucks- I struggled with this in the past, but I bought a Keurig and made my own coffee from home. I also brought the Keurig pods to work so I can make more coffee in the break room, if I needed to. 

  25. Stop buying “Items on sale” just because- Don’t buy items that you don’t use, some stores are just trying to clear inventory for more products. Let others that actually use that product buy it. 

  26. Consider a used car- You can use the extra money for investments. Don’t let your ego be the reason you buy a new car vs. a used one.  90 % of cars lose their value when they leave the lot.   

  27. Consider a charge card- A charge card makes you pay the balance off each month so you will think twice about spending. This has worked for me like a charm. ___AMEX.

  28. Stop buying books- Use Libby and rent books instead 

  29. Stop buying home décor- Before you know it your place will be full of things you want to get rid of because you have too much. 

  30. Ease up on buying candles- Those $5 candles add up to $20 dollars or more each time because you know you are buying more than one…Ease up. 

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