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So, I wrote a book. Why? I've always loved writing and having to work from home during the COVID-19 Pandemic provided the perfect scenario. I had no excuse to put it off any longer. As an author I wanted to seek professional editing and publishing services to make my literary creation come to life. Williams Commerce was my first choice and they have done a phenomenal job of making my authorship dreams a reality. Check out her interview below! 

Note* All pictures were provided by Williams Commerce Writing Services.

Keisha Cakes- CEO
Tell us about yourself

Thank you for the opportunity. I am the owner of Williams Commerce Writing Services and Author of "Made It Out" and "Crabs In A Barrel." Aside from business wise, I am family oriented and always seeking to put a smile on someone’s faces or inspire someone. 

Keisha Cakes- CEO
Keisha Cakes

What inspired you to begin writing? Was writing something you always loved to do or was it a hidden talent?

My early childhood experiences inspired me to begin writing. Although it was something I always did behind the scenes, sports consumed my identity growing up and business accounted for my identity during the beginning of my professional career. 

How did it feel to not just write one best seller but write two? Can you talk about what it took to achieve that accomplishment? 

It mainly took a concise vision to accomplish it. Once I doubled down on my writing career, I saw myself being an international success and changing lives with my work and I never lost sight of that. Visualizing that repetitively, made me do what it took to achieve it. The accomplishment itself didn’t necessarily give me a celebratory feeling. It mainly showed me what it takes to be successful in any endeavor and hungry to accomplish more and help others succeed.  

For those who don’t know what it means can you describe the phrase “Crabs in a Barrel”. Also, why did you chose the title “Crabs in a Barrel: War on Racism?” 

The proverbial “Crabs In A Barrel” saying is utilized to reference the black culture. I always felt a way about that saying but didn’t conceptualize why until I became a relentless student of black culture, systematic racism, and history. On the surface, it appears that the crabs are the biggest obstacles to each other as they try to escape the barrel. However, it’s the structure and environment that presents the largest obstacles to the crabs. Once we realize the correlation to real life, we’ll be able to realize that we are our biggest alleys instead of enemies and empty the bucket ourselves versus waiting for the people who built the bucket to empty it.  

Can you tell us about Williams Commerce and the services offered?  

Sure, almost everything writing related except for ghostwriting. We focus on advancing the careers of authors, entrepreneurs, and job seekers. For authors we offer publishing, editing, and consulting. Also, we handle a high volume of resumes and business plans. 

Keisha Cakes
Keisha Cakes

You own one of the fastest growing publishing companies in the U.S. What does that mean to you? 

It truly means the world. I want professionals to know that we will attack their work with sense of urgency and the utmost professionalism. The in-house motto is moving strategic with a sense of urgency. 

There has been a lot of discussion in our community about starting a business and building equity, but we never discuss the work that’s needed. Can you talk about the work that goes into being one of the fastest growing publishers in the U.S? 

That’s a brilliant question. You can’t have a million-dollar dream with a minimum-wage work ethic. What goes into becoming one of the fastest growing publishers in the US is everything. My team and I work countless hours and handle a high volume of projects on a consistent basis. Aside from that, other sacrifices are made. Each route to the top will be different but all will consist of sacrifices and consistency. 

Where do you draw your inspiration from as an author?  

My readers. Those initial reactions came from love letters or letters I’d write my parents. The reactions I received motivated me to put more into each line. Now readers’ reactions to my work inspire me on a professional level and motivate me to make my writing as impactful as possible. 

What tips can you give to those who are interested in starting their own business? What are some challenges that you experienced? How did you overcome those challenges? 

Build a team, build a team, and build a team lol. This could mean a team of emotional supporters, a team of independent contractors, or an in-house staff. I tried to shoulder too much for too long. Luckily, I love what I am doing, and I desire to know the ins and outs of every aspect of my business. Therefore, it was vital to go through that stage, but my company could have grown even faster with a team in the beginning stages. 

Keisha Cakes
Keisha Cakes

What are you most grateful about being a business owner? 

Honestly, being able to inspire others who want to make that same move. Also, it doesn’t have to be inspiring someone else to start a business. It could simply be inspiring someone to make a life changing move such as a career change, getting involved in real estate, embracing a new lifestyle change, or embracing a personal fear. 

Was there a question that was not asked that you want others to know about you or Williams Commerce? 

No, but I’d be more than happy to answer any more questions. I love how in-depth this interview is and how you structured it be so impactful for readers. 

Keisha Cakes