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Hey! So Glad You're Here.


My name is Christopher “Alex” Thomas. I was born in Kentucky and raised in Saint Croix U.S.V.I. I reside in Tallahassee Florida. For me, this journey has been a long time coming. I struggled with anxiety and fear and for a few years and I never made any real progress in my personal growth. Through reading and reflection I was able to develop a mindset to work harder and stop looking for shortcuts in life. I was able to find my way! My blog will not only be about personal growth, but also entrepreneurship, credit, travel, and community. I want to share my dream with all my subscribers. When you are feeling down and want to give up, I hope that my blog gives you the inspiration to keep on going!


Why did you call your blog Millennial Oaks?

So about Millennial Oaks…Well the idea Millennial Oaks started when I was on my way back to the office at my job. I saw a man on the phone, and he looked upset. As I approached him, he got off the phone and looked at me and started shaking his head. The man said “You millennials just don’t get it, all of you want things in life to be given to you and you don’t want to work hard. Millennials wouldn’t be able to last a day back in the 60’s”. I listened to what the man had to say, and he shared with me that his son was a procrastinator and didn’t know what he wanted to do in life. 

That day in the office was a rough day. It was a “Jack Daniels on the rocks when I get home” kinda day. I left work and went to a park and met my wife there. This park was one of the most relaxing parks I had been to in Tallahassee. We walked around and got to an area in the park that had a bridge and across the bridge there was an Angel Oak. The Angel Oak just stood out and next to the Angel Oak was another tree, but it was starting to rot. I walked past it and went to look at the train tracks that were nearby. There is something very soothing and interesting about train tracks that I can’t explain. 


My wife and I left the park after our walk and I got in my car to go home. On the drive to the house a question came to my mind. What do Oak trees represent? I thought about it and I asked my wife that question when we got home. My wife mentioned beauty and wisdom. I shared with her that Oaks trees to me represented sacrifice, knowledge, prosperity, and growth. 


We talked about our day and I shared my workday as well as my conversation with the man on my way back from lunch. Then the thought came to my mind. “I want to create a blog called Millennial Oaks.” The blog will talk about growth, prosperity, and feature other millennials who are doing great things in our world! 

Well I had the idea, but mentally I was going through a lot and after writing a few blog posts and trying to get in the blogging mindset, I ended up quitting. I felt that no one would want to hear what I had to say. No one would want to follow my journey or even care. I let negative thoughts take over and gave in to my fear and for 4 years, I did nothing. Well, my mindset changed and I am happy to be starting Millennial Oaks. I have been working extremely hard to put this blog together and come up with relevant topics to share.  I hope that my journey and my blog will be an inspiration to you.