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Hey! So Glad You're Here.

Hey there! My name is C. Alex Thomas. (C is for Christopher). I am an author and aspiring full time entrepreneur! I reside in Tallahassee Florida and was born in Fort Knox Kentucky. I created Millennial Oaks to encourage others to invest in themselves and find their purpose. Sometimes we allow fear to win because we may feel that what we are trying to accomplish isn’t going to make an impact. For some when we do start the journey, we end up working on 5 different things at the same time and eventually give up because we can’t gauge our progress and it seems that “it wasn’t meant to be”.

Through commitment and perseverance, we can get on track and hold ourselves accountable. I realized my generation doesn’t read as much, research, build relationships or even invest in themselves. We expound so much energy in building everything else up besides ourselves. If things are going to change, we must change the way we think and the way we approach things in our day to day. Time waits for nobody!

The pandemic has caused a lot of pain for families across the world. Some of us have had to make decisions that we may not have been comfortable with. Not to mention when the pandemic started, I felt stuck. I had to pivot, and it was uncomfortable for me and my family. I knew that I needed to pivot and really look in the mirror and find my purpose. I challenge us all to find our purpose in life. Invest in yourself and create a way to be free, because ladies and gentlemen life is too short. 

When I started my journey, I wasn’t sure where to turn. One thing that social media doesn’t really show us is when you’re starting out as an entrepreneur or "solopreneur", the journey can be very lonely. The things that used to pique your interest no longer do because we have a new understanding of where we want to go in life. However, just talking about “taking action” doesn’t get us anywhere. We must be intentional and start our journey today! I wanted to create a website that can provide a starting point. One of my goals is to interview entrepreneurs and share their stories/products/services with the Millennial Oaks community (that's you!) and create an ecosystem where we can all grow together while pursuing our purpose and dreams. I will provide courses and useful resources that we all can use as well! 


Another goal I have is to expand Millennial Oaks and have different events in cities across the U.S and eventually the world! We all have a gift and purpose in life. Sharing those gifts can help others and encourage us to take action.  Your dream is worth fighting for and your purpose and future are worth investing in!



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