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Motivating others to find their purpose and fight for their dreams!

What is Millennial Oaks?

One thing that social media doesn’t really show us is when you’re starting out as an entrepreneur or "solopreneur", the journey can be very lonely. The things that used to pique your interest no longer do because we have a new understanding of where we want to go in life. However, just talking about “taking action” doesn’t get us anywhere. We must be intentional and start our journey today! I wanted to create a website that can provide a starting point. One of my goals is to interview entrepreneurs and share their stories/products/services with the Millennial Oaks community (that's you!) and create an ecosystem where we can all grow together while pursuing our purpose and dreams. I will provide courses and useful resources that we all can use as well! 

Another goal I have is to expand Millennial Oaks and have different events in cities across the U.S and eventually the world! We all have a gift and purpose in life. Sharing those gifts can help and encourage us to take action.  Your dream is worth fighting for and your purpose and future are worth investing in.

New Release

Are you ready to fight for your dreams?

Do you have a plan to overcome the obstacles in your way? 

How have you used your time lately?


Let A Dream Worth Fighting For propel your inspiration to go out there and invest in yourself!

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